6 Celebrities That Looked Ridiculous at the Met Gala 2017

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Even some of the most popular and famous people make mistakes. Do not trust their sense of taste and style – they sometimes look ridiculous. Actors and singers blindly follow the latest trends. They listen to what the modern designers tell them to wear without considering any other options.

1. Was Rihanna really an idiot or was she just playing around? This so-called star went totally crazy with her outfit. She could have done better if she had listened to her mom’s advice. What Rihanna was wearing during the Met Gala 2017 looked stupid. The gladiator heels from top to toe on her fat legs and the bright rosy eye shadow – what could ever look cheaper that this? The girl was hiding somewhere in the bunch of fabric petals so no one could tell if she was happy with her retarded outfit.

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