5 Foods You Should Not Eat after Exercise

5 Foods You Should Not Eat after Exercise

Exercise is a great habit that helps us get in better shape. We do sports to maintain our weight or improve our overall health.

However, what we eat before and after our workout routine is even more important.

1. Raw vegetables

Who would ever think that vegetable are not always advised? You are absolutely right if you think that vegetables are good for your health. Nowadays the problem is that people do not eat enough vegetables. We do want you to consume plenty of veggies, but refrain from eating raw vegetable right after you have finished doing sports. Raw vegetables are low in calories. Do not expect this kind of food to restore your energy. Opt for cooked broccoli, celery or carrots. You may pick any vegetables to your taste, but prepare them before eating. Cooked vegetables combined with lean protein eaten after exercise will work better. If raw vegetables are your only choice, then eat them with yogurt or chicken.

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