6 Reasons Why Experts Recommend Coconut Oil

6 Reasons Why Experts Recommend Coconut Oil

Health benefits of some certain foods are still being studied by researchers. One of such foods is coconut oil. The coconut is an exotic fruit full of taste and aroma.

It appears that its oil is not less useful than its flesh and juice. 

1. Coconut Oil Boosts Mental Abilities Function in Alzheimer’s Patients

Bright mind is what we all want to have when we are old. It is important to note that first of all we should supply enough energy for the brain cells by increasing blood levels of ketone bodies. If these are balanced, then elderly and Alzheimer’s patients suffer less. Alzheimer’s disease has widely spread and you can find plenty of individuals who have this dementia. The disease is known to lower the body’s ability to use glucose for energy hence certain parts of the brain do not function properly. Coconut oil contains MCYs. They can provide an alternative source of energy. As a result, symptoms of the disease are reduced.

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