8 Worst Foods to Eat after Exercise

8 Worst Foods to Eat after Exercise

Be careful with what you eat and drink after exercise. Learn a few important rules if you wish to make your workout plan work much better.

The quality of calories matters a lot and here is a list of foods to avoid if you have just got back home from the gym:

1. Pastries

The quality of carbs plays an important role. It is essential to get rid of products that contain simple carbs and starch and replace them with foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates. It takes your body mere minutes to digest pastries. The sugar gets into your blood stream and increases the level of blood sugar. After an hour or so you feel hungry again regardless of the high content of calories that you consumed when you ate the pastries. This kind of food is full of fats. Eating them you clog your blood vessels and arteries. Eat whole grain toasts instead of pastries.

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