Tips to Help Your Relax Before the Flight

Tips to Help Your Relax Before the Flight

Practice the following pre-flight relaxation techniques and you will instantly feel better. Think what it is that makes you nervous. Is it the moment when the plane takes off or lands?

You may feel anxious during the flight as well. Luckily, there’re a few good ways to get rid of the unpleasant emotions. 

1. Reading or Watching TV

Watch TV or read something. Take a couple of magazines, newspapers or a good book and read it on board during the flight. It will help you forget where you are. Watching your favorite movie might also help a lot. What you need is to focus on something interesting and exciting. Keep yourself entertained and get involved – try to fully concentrate on the information coming to you from the book or TV. Audio books are also wonderful. But then your eye won’t be involved. What you need is to keep both your ears and eyes busy.

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